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Project Description


NT980 8 position gasless alpha/beta counter


The Nutronic NT980 is the first choice for counting large number of smear wipe samples or other low level samples. With a 8-position high efficiency sealed gas proportional detector the NT980 can measure large amounts of samples is short times. The NT980 includes a panel PC with touch screen. A user friendly software controls the measurement and displays the result. A detailed report of each measurement can be printed on a standard printer connected to the NT980.


NT980 Main features
Gasless alpha/beta counting system
• Detector efficiency and background count rate        gives short measuring times
• 8 sealed proportional detectors
• Software for smear wipe samples with display          in  contamination units, activity or counts.
• Standard sample holder for  50 mm samples or        direct insertion of smear wipes.
• 50 mm lead shield
• Detector can be accessed without removing the      lead and is easy to clean
• Touch screen user interface


Read more about NT980:
NT90 8 position gasless alpha/beta counter PDF


Project Details

Categories:                 Nutronic

                                               Smear Test Instruments

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