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Project Description


The number one instrument for contamination control

NT200 is the first choice for your alpha/beta counting needs. With an optimal combination of high performance and userfriendly operation the NT200 is a real timesaver. It makes fast and accurate measurements whether you place it out in the plant, in a central laboratory or in a vehicle.

NT200 Main features

• Industrial strength alpha/beta counter with laboratory quality
• High detector efficiency and low background gives short measuring times
• Permanently filled proportional detector, no counting gas required
• Optimised for smear (wipe) samples/air samples with display in contamination units, activity or counts.
• Compact design using pass-through sample drawer with two holders
• Very bright and clear display
• Standalone design, no PC needed for operation or calibration
• Built-in printer
• Automatic detection of alpha in beta mode (auto-alpha)
• Automatic background compensation with separate background detector
• Very easy to decontaminate
• Easy to change mode between smear sample and air sample
• Measuring starts by pushing the sample drawer into measuring position.
• Measurement does not start unless the sample is fully in position.


Read more about NT200:

- NT200 Smear test instrument PDF

- Specifications


Project Details

Categories:                 Nutronic

                                       Smear Test Instruments

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