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Project Description


NT 170 Large area smear sample instrument


The NT170 is the first choice for large area contamination control. It counts both alpha and beta on large sample cloths with a maximum size of 175 x 175 mm. It provides an optimal combination of high performance and userfriendly operation It makes fast and accurate measurements whether you place it out in the plant, in a central laboratory or in a vehicle.


NT170 Main features

  • Industrial strength alpha/beta counting with laboratory quality

  • High detector efficiency and low background gamma sensitivity gives short measuring times

  • Permanently filled proportional detector, no counting gas required

  • Optimised for smear (wipe) samples with display in contamination units, activity or counts.

  • Holds smear cloths up to 175 x 175 mm

  • Permanently sealed proportional detector

  • High beta efficiency

  • Detector active surface 163 x 163 mm

  • Lead shield

  • Semi-portable with two sturdy handles for easy carrying

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Optional built in printer

  • Optional keyboard/memory card


Read more about NT170:

NT170 Large area smear sample instrument PDF


Project Details

Categories:                 Nutronic

                                       Smear Test Instruments

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